Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cool Baby Shower Themes Rubber

Cool Baby Shower Themes RubberIf you're planning to host a baby shower and want a fun idea that symbolizes the innocence of early childhood, consider using a rubber duckie theme. The rubber duckie is timeless and can be
very versatile in decorating. Keep reading for our ideas on how to incorporate this cool theme into your next baby shower.


This is the first opportunity you have to let your guests in on the theme of the party. Look for invitations with ducks on them, or if you're feeling creative try creating your own invitations
either by hand or with a computer.


The options for centerpieces are endless! You could use a large glass bowl filled with water and have a large duckie or a few small duckies floating in it. This is also a great option for decorating side tables, using smaller bowls. To add more interest, add some decorative colored stones or even some plastic fish tank plants.

Another centerpiece option is to have a pair of small childrens rubber boots with a small glass in each one. Fill the glasses with water and an assortment of small flowers such as coral bells, pansies, carnations, babies breath, or freesias. The boots will tie in with your rubber duckie theme quite well since ducks are often linked with rainy weather.


Scout the stores for napkins with rubber ducks on them. Also, pick up paper plates that match one of the colors in the napkins like yellow or orange. A bright color is best and will help to remind your guests that you are celebrating birth and childhood, when bright colors are best!

The Dreaded Hat

Yes, every guest of honor dreads the hat that is inevitably created from the ribbons and bows scavenged from shower gifts. Instead of using the traditional paper plate, consider using a
yellow rain hat!


Of course it needs to either have a duck on it or be in the shape of a duck! As well, come up with a corny phrase for the occasion to be written on the cake.

Punch Bowl

Forget adding fruit to the ice ring, instead wash up some small rubber ducks and let them float in the punch bowl.

Having any kind of theme for your shower will help to alleviate some of the pressure of entertaining guests while they take in their surroundings. It also helps a shy guest of honor cope with being the center of attention, in this case some of the focus would be drawn toward the duckies.

If you've decided to use this theme, go wild with it! Give a special prize to the first guest to sing the Sesame Street Rubber Duckie song! This is a baby shower and the more effort you put into it the more fun your guests and your guest of honor will have. The decorations don't need to be expensive, a lot of these items can be purchased at a dollar store if you don't already have them. A few rubber ducks will go a long way!