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Glenn Quinn moved along with his mother

Glenn Quinn moved along with his motherGlenn Martin Christopher Francis Quinn ( Glenn Quinn )was an Irish actor in television and film. As well as having a role as a major character in the television series Angel, he also had a recurring role as Mark Healy in the comedy Roseanne and the short-lived UK series Covington Cross.

Born in Dublin Ireland on May 28th 1970, Glenn Quinn moved along with his mother and two sisters to Long Beach California in 1988. He was certainly proud of his Irish heritage – he had ‘Erin Go Bragh (Ireland Forever) tattooed on his right shoulder and a Harp on his left. Following a series of odd jobs Glen decided to try his hand at acting and met with success quite promptly. His first role was playing a pool shark in the Richard Marx video ‘Satisfied’. His first film was ‘Shout’ (1991) with John Travolta -- in which Glenn had the honor of giving teen-ingĂ©nue Gwyneth Paltrow her first on-screen kiss!

Many horror/sci-fi fans are familiar with Glenn Quinn for his showy role as Allen Francis Doyle (half human and half demon) who is sent to guide Angel (David Boreanaz) to his destiny in the WB series ‘Angel’ (1999). Producers killed him off after just a few episodes saying it was “part of the original plan”. However, there were rumors that Quinn lost the role as a result of his increasing problems with drugs and alcohol. Those problems would eventually claim his life.

On December 6th he was given a traditional Irish wake at The Luyben Mortuary in Lakewood, CA. Services were held at Saint Cornelius Church in Long Beach. Among those in attendance were ‘Roseanne’ cast mates Sara Gilbert and Johnny Galecki. Michael Fishman (DJ on ‘Roseanne’) collected donations to help cover funeral costs. Glenn Quinn was buried at Forest Lawn in Orange County. The actor is survived by his parents (Bernadette and Murty) and his sisters (Sonya and Louisa).

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