Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Norwegian Lundehund Puffin Dog

Norwegian LundehundNorwegian Lundehund has six toes on each foot, can shut the ears to protect against dust and moisture. It is jointed at the nape of the neck, which enables it to bend its head right down onto its back (180°). Also it has a very moveable shoulder-joint, so the forelegs can be moved out at right angles to the sides. Much like looking at a bear rug.

This dog hunted the Puffin bird, a penguin like bird, mostly found in the northern parts of Norway.

This is Norway's oldest purebred dog. Some people think it survived the last ice age. A descendent of the primeval dog - Canis Forus. They were noted as early as 1432 by Italian fisherman.

physical traits: agile,
hair type: rough, dense, close lying outercoat, soft undercoat
personality/ temperament: alert, lively, intelligent, active, faithful, cheerful, gentle, mischievous, cunning, willful, dominant.
maintenance/special needs: exercise, regular grooming, strict consistent discipline
nicknames: Norsk Lundehund, Norwegian Puffin Dog, Puffin Hound, Puffin Dog
origination: Norway
bred for: hunting puffin bird
identifying traits:
ideal for: companionship, family, city or country life, watchdog, outdoors, cooler climates
of interest:
good with kids? yes
life expectancy: 12 yrs
of interest: has six functional toes on paws to grip when climbing, cartilage of ears fold over to protect from dust, dirt, moisture and freezing rain, joint at nape of neck bends head backward 180 degrees, moveable shoulder joints allow forelegs to move out to sides
kennel clubs: fci-(Nordic Hunting Dog Group), uk- Norwegian Lundehund (hound dog group), ukc-(Northern breed dog group)

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