Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Xbox Live still down for Maintenance

As Major Nelson noted this week, Xbox Live would be seeing some downtime earlier this morning. The service is still offline, however, creating panic in many a shut-in, school skipping seventh grader, and news writers with nothing to do before going to their full time job.

Until the service is online, we suggest you go outside and enjoy the sunlight (or snow if you’re in the west.) Perhaps eating a fine pizza/ chicken wing/ 2 litre coke luncheon in front of your grease-stained desktop, if that’s your bag. Or you could, you know, play some single player stuff and stack up some Achievements. Check back in a couple hours, Live should be online by then.


  1. this sucks. The one day of the week that I can play live and its down.

  2. Getrich Article ReprintWednesday, June 24, 2009

    Xbox Live STILL Down On June 16th: Microsoft Says It Could Take 24 Hours

    Sorry gamers...Xbox 360 Live is STILL down for maintenance. According to reports, Microsoft decided today on June 16, 2009 would be the perfect day to close down.

    According to Yahoo News, "there will not be Zune Social, Zune Marketplace or forums in that time either. Other sections down include My Xbox on, and the forums will only be read only. According to Blast Magazine, most of the other features of will be available, with little or no interruptions. The maintenance is to start at 12:01AM PST, and could last anything up to 24 hours. Looks like Xbox Live users will have to spend a bit of time away from their Xbox 360 and spend some time with their family instead."

    Well with the bad news over, hereis the good news. With this maintenace run they are readying a good number of new features. They will be adding the ability to get on, twitter, and facebook on the Xbox 360 as a paid service. Hopefully it will be up soon as I'm itching for some Call Of Duty: World At War multiplayer. (c) tPC

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