Friday, July 10, 2009

Throgs Neck Bridge

Throgs Neck Bridge carries I.295 connecting Long Island to the Bronx as it soars above the Long Island Sound. This is a suspension bridge with the center span being held up by steel cables suspended from larger cables which in turn are supported by the towers.

Traffic to Interstate 678 south to the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge departs from the transition ramp here. The left two lanes connect to Interstate 295/Cross Bronx Expressway Extension south to the Throgs Neck Bridge. After this exit ramp, Interstate 295 south begins with four through lanes (two of which merge in from the left).

After crossing the Throgs Neck Bridge, northbound Interstate 295 prepares to split: the left three lanes continue north on Interstate 295 to connect to Interstate 95/Cross Bronx Expressway south (west) to Upper Manhattan and New Jersey via the George Washington Bridge.

Throgs Neck Bridge is clean and pretty Bridge ever in my whole life and I love Throgs Neck Bridge.