Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Goosip Jay Z mad at Beyonce

Chyna_Whyte: just got word that Jay-Z is/was mad at Beyonce for going against the Roc Fam! Everyone needs to shut up bc Jay is not that kind of person 37 minutes ago more2tweet: Kanye did apologize and i accepted it but Jay-Z got mad at Beyonce for apologizin to TAylor 52 minutes ago dream_syckle: jay z is mad at beyonce for what she did at the vma's because kayne is apart of there crew...wow!!! about 1 hour ago iAlen: @shutupmeg RT Shut up Jay Z! Your mad at Beyonce for apologizing for Kanye's foolishness? So she's disloyal? Get out of here!!!! about 1 hour ago

Who knows if any of that is really true -- but just in case it is, Jay-Z let's review Beyonce's lyrics that helped you put a ring on it: "Pull me into your arms, say I'm the one you want...if you don't, you'll be alone and like a ghost I'll be gone..."

Instead of partying together after the VMA performance, Jay-Z and Rihanna went one way and Beyonce went another. My snitch has also told me that Jay-Z and Beyonce were staying in seperate Hotel Rooms and neither went back to eachothers room. The only time they are affectionate with eachother is in public or when they know pictures will be taken.

I dont really understand it? If this is fake then how long will they keep this up for? Im confused? Beyonce, Jay-Z clash with Paparazzi

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