Thursday, September 17, 2009

Marcus Jones World Fighting Championship's

The match that everyone in the crowd was anticipating was the debut fight for former Tampa Bay Buccanner Marcus Jones. The crowd went absolutely nuts when the announces introduced Marcus Jones. I remember seeing Jones play on TV and I remember him being a monster with long dreads. When Marcus Jones entered the ring I was shocked at what I saw. He was still a monster, but now he was ripped and cut as if he was going to compete in a bodybuilding competition. My initial thought was " I feel sorry for the guy that has to get into the ring with Jones" When Jone's opponent entered the ring I felt that he had no chance simply because he did not have the size or power of Jones.

Marcus Jones has obviously been getting good training because he made quick work of his opponent who tapped out after he was taken to the ground an pummeled for 58 seconds. Marcus Jones was so excited about his victory you would have thought he had won the superbowl. He thanked his trainers at Gracie Tampa which I have learned is one of the premier places to be trained in the art of MMA.

Markin Kilson forces one to believe that "evidence of the prevalence of a democratic heritage in British West African colonies was apparent at the very start of the constitutional development."34 Marcus Jones' brilliant summary of the governor's powers for instance belies Kilson's assertion that "the governor had the right to nominate and appoint whomsoever he pleased...He could summon, adjourn, prorogue or dissolve the Council at will. He was the undisputed ruler, subject only to directions from the home government."35 Hargreaves discussed at length the British system of election and representation in her colonies.

References: W.S. Marcus Jones, "Legal development and constitutional change in Sierra Leone, 1787-1971, unpublished manuscript", p.30

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