Thursday, September 17, 2009

Puff The Magic Dragon

Over the years we've printed several 'happy' endings to Peter Yarrow and Leonard Lipton's popular "Puff the Magic Dragon." Many folks, especially parents, just can't cope with Puff staying in that cave. Jim Anger of Appleton, Wisconsin, sends another little boy to play with Puff.

But time always brings changes;
there's another little boy]
They romp the land and sail the
seas in search of golden toys!
They capture all the pirates, and
rescue maidens fair,
And if you find misty Honalee,
you'll see them playing there.

Oh, Puff the Magic Dragon still
lives by the sea
And frolics in the autumn mist in
a land called Honalee
Puff the Magic Dragon still lives by
the sea
And frolics in the autumn mist in
a land called Honalee.

The familiar song "Puff The Magic Dragon" takes us through to the end. Although Schert does not do any dragon-y moves, the song casts a spell. As he backs away from us, he takes on the aura of a magical figure.

Flying the AC-47 was difficult and trying. The high loss rate and the deaths of so many friends in combat made it worse. These were the times that hurt the most. The 4th Air Commando Squadron has long since disappeared, and the gunship program has advanced through C-119 and to C-130 units. Commando units have become Special Operations units. But in the back of the bar, there is still a table-or two-of intrepid aviators who can still sing the squadron song, "Puff The Magic Dragon"-usually very loudly and off-key-and can still remember their days as Commandos and flying the AC47 with all its challenges. The only rewards for those who took part are the lasting memories of conquering the Goon, of a "Thanks, Spooky; you've got them on the run," of departed friends and of membership in that very proud organization of aviators who can say, "Sure, I flew Puff The Magic Dragon. Not many of us left."

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  1. There are times when I find it difficult to make decisions, but still have to do. I know people always have emotions so that there is no justice. But I still hope.


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