Saturday, November 14, 2009

Build A Gazebo

Many people love the adrenaline rush created when you build something on their own. For this reason you might be considering building a gazebo from scratch. This article explores some tips and techniques you?ll need before you embark on your handyman adventure.

First of all you will need a gazebo plan that suits not only your creative style and design preference, but also your budget. If creating a plan seems tough, you?re not alone. You can find many plans either online, a bookstore or your local library.

Free plans are out there but if you have a specific idea of what you want and a particular kind of gazebo in mind then you can usually buy them at the cost of a few dollars to several hundred depending on the intricacy of the design. The reason for the cost difference is that they are architectural blueprints with complex details, and measurements so you?re paying for what you get. A word of advice, the blue prints can be a major investment for beginners with little experience. Blue prints are normally best left to contractors with experience.

For those with the skills, creativity and drive an inexpensive gazebo plan can still give you an amazing product. The internet is a great resource for anything from simple plans to more complicated designs. These plans vary in size and style, so your only task is to find one that suits you best. Once you have decided on the right plan you can go about gathering the right tools necessary for the job. These include general carpentry tools like a screw gun, compound or sliding miter saw and a level.

The right tools will ensure that you can do the angular and circular cutting techniques required for your design. Finding the right material to build your gazebo on is very important. Bolting the gazebo to a slab of concrete might be best or using a wooden floor that is already there is an option as well. But remember to speak with your local government agency about any digging or building that you might be planning. This can save you from cutting into any underground cables or unnecessarily breaking any local by-laws when it comes to height or building structures in your backyard.

It is also better to build a gazebo with the right kind of wood. Some popular woods for outdoor structures are cedar, pine and redwood. Of these basic wood types, pine is the softest which makes it easy to handle. The other two are more difficult to work with and are more expensive, however, have the tendency to last longer. Other options that can save you time and money are vinyl or metal gazebos. If building a gazebo from scratch is not exactly what you?re looking for, then you can purchase a gazebo kit with all the materials needed for the project.

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