Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Create an Outdoor Room with a Gazebo from Rawgarden

Most of us have limited space in our homes, which makes outdoor entertaining a great option in the summer months. But while summer’s over and autumn is upon us, there’s no need to pack away the garden furniture quite yet. You can continue entertaining in your garden even in uncertain weather by creating an outdoor room with a gazebo from

Gazebos are a perfect way of creating another room in which to entertain or simply for family relaxation. A compact 3×3m or 4×3m gazebo is great for covering barbecues and garden furniture to provide shade or protection from a sudden shower. The deluxe versions of the 3×3m and 4×3m gazebos are ideal for a more special occasion or for showcasing a beautiful set of garden furniture, thanks to elegant tie-back side curtains. Rawgarden has a wide range of gazebos: from those compact enough to create an outside room in a garden with limited space, to those spacious and grand enough to hold a wedding reception.

Not only are gazebos a great way of creating extra space for your family and guests throughout the changing seasons, but they’re also incredibly easy to maintain. All of the gazebos available at Rawgarden are made to the highest standards; the quality of the materials and manufacturing means that all they need for a long life is to be kept clean and waterproofed. Brush the hard-wearing fabric down to remove any leaves and debris and then simply wash with warm soapy water and a clean brush. After a few seasons, you should check if the fabric is still waterproofed by pouring water onto it; the water will roll off in beads if it is, or soak in if not. Maintaining the waterproofing is also straightforward: clean down the fabric and apply a reproofing solution.

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