Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gazebo makes a hot tub look cool

While buying a hot tub, it is necessary to have a detailed rundown of all those supplies and accessories which you will like to have in your hot tub. If you are one of those who like your spa to be an ultimate relaxation and entertainment hub, then go for a hot tub gazebo which already comes installed with a LCD monitor and a DVD player.

Splurge on your hot Tub
If money is not an issue, you can splurge on installing a marine radio and CD player with waterproof speakers, a remote controller on the top side of the tub. Once done, just enjoy the music or hear the TV through these speakers. Another feature one must have is fibre optic lighting. Bunch of small lights around the top of the tub which change colour make the hot tub look very fancy. At night they will provide a great deal of light and enable you to look around for CDs, drinks, towels and chemicals.

Construct a Gazebo
One doesn’t need to freeze while climbing in and out of the spa; instead of that, surround the hot tub with a Gazebo to keep yourself warm in the winter. Over here going in for a larger gazebo will allow you the luxury of having racks and a storage space for chemicals and towels. Another important thing to note out here is one should install a gazebo which has a sliding door and not a window. In a scenario, if something freezes then it will only be the windows and the sliding door. Lastly put in a few stools and furniture in the gazebo to make it a place where you and your family can have a good time.

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