Saturday, November 14, 2009

Traditional Design of Gazebo

The original form of gazebo is similar to house but in smaller and simpler. The etymology of the word gazebo is shrouded in mystery. For years gazebo knows well been fixtures in gardens for centuries. In many countries gazebo also called summerhouses, screen houses, kiosks, pavilions, pergolas, arbors, grottos, or pagodas. Here are some new glossaries when visiting Indonesia especially in Java related to gazebo.

In Java people is very familiar with gazebo but in different name. In Javanese perception gazebo is modern name. Something similar with gazebo in form but having different name, there are Gubuk, Cakruk and Gardu.

Gubuk comes from Javanese language means ugly house or a very simple house. In Java gubuk usually placed in paddy dike, farm field and small forest function to take a rest and having lunch after working. The original outline is similar with gazebo differ only on material. Farmer using material available in the nature surround like thatch, bamboo and solid wood. Gubuk is design in very simple and the way it is without any solid wood furniture.

Cakruk called for village security post. The spirit of togetherness among residents is the characteristic of Javanese therefore cakruk made to secure the village from a threat thief and any other crime. People cooperate to build cakruk as checkpoints revolving people look around their village every night. Many people interest to build wood house make wooden house wholesale company run so fast but mutual cooperation in building cakruk make it like wholesale furniture fast and cheap.

Gardu. Small building placed in height like hills or mountains to see the views surround Javanese people call it Gardu. Located in the high place and usually built by the government as a supporting facility for the local tourism activities. Several chairs and table are required. Usually build of wood and concede.

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