Saturday, January 23, 2010

Smoking cause of lung cancer

There are various factor cause a lung cancer, but most common is smoking lead to lung cancer. Today in United State cigarette smoking cause 87% of lung cancer deaths and currently scientist still doesn’t discover any most effective and curable lung cancer treatment. Cigarette contain hundred of toxin and chemical, it also contain more than 60 substances that are unknown may cause the lung cancer. Annually nearly 30% of all cancer deaths mainly due to cigarette smoking activities.

Smoking activities, in the long run destroyed by toxin and chemical in the human’s lung it become unavoidable. The more you smoke the higher chance of getting lung cancer, it higher chance when you over smoke. Once afflicted with lung cancer it hard to find an effective lung cancer treatment today. If smoker smoke less than half a pack per day, he or she are 15 time death from lung cancer than non smoker. If he or she finishes about one pack of cigarettes per day are 25 time death from lung cancer than non smoker.

Smoking keeps abreast of damaging lung cancer cell. Your lung cell may heal by itself the movement you quit smoking and replacing a positive cell from affected once. Some people thought that switch to different brand with lower nicotine and less tar will lower their risk of getting lung cancer. What I can assure you that there no such brand! Unless you quit that no other safety brand is can make sure you won’t getting lung cancer in the short or long run. You will be higher chance of getting it, if you smoke cannabis.

Passive smoking or known as secondhand smoke is another major cause leading to lung cancer. Studies shown those who exposed often with smoking environment have 24% risk of getting lung cancer than non smokers. The non smoking working environment is very important ensure that people safety in their life and healthy as living with a smokers jeopardize the greater risk of developing lung cancer. Studies show each year about more than 3000 death by second hand smoking.

Studies show the hazardous figure for people developing lung cancer leading by smoking, normally smoking started by teenagers sooner or later he or she get addicted. We cannot denial that there a huge number of non smoking victim in the street as well. Lung cancer treatment likely to be extended patients life and it also depend how the stages cancer cell spread over the organ and body.