Friday, June 12, 2009

Digital TV Converter Box reviews

Digital TV Converter Box reviews. As of June 12, 2009, almost all on the air for the transmission of analog television is no longer in the United States. If you are on over-the-air analog TV, you need a housing digital switchover and the clock is running when you are in the grant program coupon - the last day for submission of an application is July 31, 2009. You pay the converter handheld or with the coupon program will receive the best value for your money, and we compared a large number of converters used in the retail trade.

I think RCA DTA800B1 is The best for digital converter.


The good: Solid video quality and reception; excellent remote, especially for those with poor eyesight; easy-to-use basic electronic program guide; works with Smart Antennas, analog pass-through.

The bad: Composite video cable not included; doesn’t work well with wide-screen TVs.

The bottom line: Good reception, respectable video quality, and a basic EPG make the RCA DTA800 an excellent DTV converter box, and its included remote is the best we’ve seen.

antenna converter box to vcr to tv rf connections

You can connect a Converter Box to a VCR, but there are some problems. Most of the digital to analog converter boxes have limited capability. VCRs will not work the same as they do now when connected to a converter box.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to record one progam while watching another.

Most converter boxes are not programmable like a VCR and cannot switch to a specified channel at a set time.VCRs will only record whatever channel the converter box is already set on. If you want to keep your old VCR and use it with a converter box, you need to program your VCR to record channel 3 or 4, and tune your converter box to the channel you want to record.

Another problem is that the converter box has an energy saving feature that will cause the box to shut off automatically if not in use, but that feature can be disabled.You may want to buy a digital recorder such as a DVD recorder or DVR (TiVo) with a digital (ATSC) tuner that will also replace the need for a converter box.

After the analog to digital transition , you may still receive both digital and analog signals if you pick up low-power stations that are not required to convert to digital. These digital recorders will act as a digital receiver (change digital signals into analog signals) and can record both digital and analog TV stations.

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