Monday, June 22, 2009

Ice Road Truckers Lisa Kelly

Ice Road Truckers Lisa KellyLisa is the real deal and God bless her for doin what shes doin ( Ice Road Truckers Lisa Kelly ). Which is what she wants and pissing little pin dick pricks like frank and ruban (most likely the same loser) off. But you all gotta feel for chumps like ruban/frank. These are the “tough guys” you hear on Xbox LIVE that think they can own the world just for playing Halo 3 decent. They would never say anything like what they’re typing here to lisa or anyone else since they’re only brave when they miles away from who they’re threatening and don’t have to look someone in the eye and risk of getting thier mouth closed for good. The only touch of a woman scrubs like ruby and franky will know is when their momma kisses them goodnight or smacks them upside the head lol. Now sit back and watch them type out death threats like they’re the heads of the Hells Angels :-) Ice Road Truckers Lisa Kelly.

Lisa is a rambunctious tomboy and a motocross-riding daredevil who is as full of energy as she is cute. Lisa has crashed both trucks and motorcycles, but she doesn’t let fear get in her way on the road. She must battle the big boys daily just to keep her job. Lisa recently got married, but used to date “The Young Gun” Cody Hyce, who some think might still have a crush on her Ice Road Truckers Lisa Kelly.

Today’s Unknown Hot Chick is Ice Road Truckers Lisa Kelly. She is currently starring in this season’s Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel. How did i find her, let’s just say a broken fibula and vicodin allowed me to find this dime.

She’s going by the moniker of Tomboy Lisa but a hot chick is a hot chick Ice Road Truckers Lisa Kelly. Not only can she drive a big rig truck, but she’s probably tougher than you. She can be very useful when it comes to fights in the bar. Yee haw! You can check out the show on the The History Channel Ice Road Truckers Lisa Kelly.

Woman on the Ice Road Truckers Lisa Kelly, that's all well and good. However, I don't know if the producers are portraying her driving times correctly, or if they are openly showing a gross violation of the "Hours of Service" regulations.

A driver may drive up to, but no more than 10 hours per 24 hour period of time. They may also have up to, but no more than 4 hours on duty not driving. This gives the driver a total of 14 hours before they must shut down for a 10 hour break.

Now last show, Ice Road Truckers Lisa Kelly first leg was 14 hours alone. Then 25 miles across the ice at 10 mph, for 2.5 more hours driving. This gives a total of 18.5 hours. So, what's the deal here? Has Lisa just allowed a producer to show a major violation on television? If so, don't be surprised if D.O.T. mails Lisa a citation. If she ran legal, the show needs to tell the world about her breaks in driving.

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  1. Actually they can drive 16 hours straight, then a mandatory 10 hour break. She is cute, bringing an interesting side to the show. Probably pretty tough for her, proving a woman can do the job in a traditionally mans world. But those women from Wasilla... tough and good looking.

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