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The Midsummer Fire Festival Guides Is Here

Midsummer Fire Festival Guides 1Midsummer Fire Festival GuidesThis entry is about one of the many neat things that have come along with this festival celebrating the arrival of Summer in the northern hemisphere ( Midsummer Fire Festival Guides ).

How To Use This Special Event To Powerlevel Your Lowbies

Any level of player can use some of the magic of this festival to gain a 10% premium to the experience they gain killing mobs, for a full hour! You can easily use this to help power your lower level toons through levels a bit faster - but make use of it now before this bonus is removed!

How do you do it?

After a few moments of having the ribbon attached, your character will start to spin around and around in a squatted position with its arms extended, with the ribbon still attached. You can still run around, jump, do whatever, while this is going on, and it won’t disrupt it unless you go out of range of the Ribbon Pole.

Once you’ve been spinning for a little bit, you should be able to see a buff applied to your toon, displayed to the left of your minimap with the other buffs! Unfortunately, this buff is removed upon death, so be careful - but charge up whenever you’re in a city! Midsummer Fire Festival Guides. As I am sure you all know by now, whether it be through WoW Insider or logging into the game and seeing it firsthand, the Midsummer Fire Festival Guides went live this morning (June 21st) and will remain so until July 4th. The holiday has received a full revamp since last year, and has quite a few new rewards and quests. Some of those rewards have pretty hefty prices attached to them in the form of Burning Blossoms, and are a little intimidating. I sat down early this morning to figure out how many Blossoms I needed for what I wanted on just my main, and the total came to just slightly over 1,100. Ouch!

Surprisingly, it isn't nearly as bad as it sounds. A simple tour of Azeroth can net you hundreds of Blossoms, and the Festival offers many other options, too. If you're looking for a little help or guidance in your quest for holiday treats, WoW Insider is here for you! Midsummer Fire Festival Guides.

* Where to begin - Just starting your Midsummer adventures? Find out where the quests are to be found!
* A Thief's Reward - Sneak into enemy territory, be handsomely rewarded.
* Desecrating the Flames - Sneak near enemy territory, be handsomely rewarded. Includes a list of all of the fires in Azeroth and Outland.
* Incense for the Summer Scorchlings - Take a moment out of your day to honor the spirits of summer.
* Torch Tossing - Your first step toward becoming a master fire juggler!
* Torch Catching - Your second and final step toward becoming a master fire juggler.
* Unusual Activity - The Twilight's Hammer is up to something, but what? Epic revelations (and loot) await you!
* Bonfire buffs - Honoring the flames before you go out to level or grind can bring some pretty nice rewards.
* Ribbon dancing - Not level 70 yet? Find out how engaging in a bit of Midsummer revelry can change that for you.

Midsummer Fire Festival Guides

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