Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stanley® FatMax® Xtreme™ FuBar™ Utility Bar

Design Credit:

Stanley Mabo S.A. (France) and The Stanley Works


The Stanley Works

With FuBar say goodbye to rooting around for the right tool or forcing a tool to perform as it’s not intended. FuBar combines the four most-needed tools—hammer, crow bar, board bender and splitter—into one solid, properly weighted, ergonomically correct tool. And at four pounds, it is still quite portable and able to fit into a tool belt. FuBar looks as intimidating as the tough demolition jobs it tackles, and its rugged design cues match the ferocity of the work, especially the large open jaws that look like they can attack anything in their path. FuBar received Popular Science’s Best of What's New Award, and demand from retailers is outpacing supply. Unexpectedly, FuBar has also become popular with fire and rescue professionals as an effective life-saving tool.



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