Sunday, June 14, 2009

US Air Force

Create an entertaining online experience that provides targeted information and informs visitors of the depth of opportunity available to them in the Air Force -- all while providing a measurable recruitment tool.

SOLUTION -- an online look into the past, present and future of the Air Force that also serves as a portal to a variety of targeted Air Force microsites, or "Channels," that provide specific information on career, education and health profession opportunities, and also offer up a little high-flyin' animated adventure. Newly redesigned, featured in-depth aircraft analyses, an interactive timeline and a Flight Plan
recruiting tool that ties directly to the current Air Force print and broadcast campaigns. is only one part of an extensive and strategic media plan that includes traditional media such as print and broadcast, as well as numerous banner campaigns designed to highlight the different Air Force sites and target their specific audiences. And to ensure that the site continues to be effective, data is gathered from and every aspect of the Air Force online portfolio and is use to update a constantly evolving strategic vision.

When the first launched in 1997,
only three percent of Air Force qualified leads
were generated by the Internet. After the launch
of the new website, more than 25 percent of Air
Force leads are generated by the Internet -- and,
of those, 25 percent enlist. More than 250,000
users visit each month, making the
Internet the top lead-generating tool for the Air


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