Friday, June 26, 2009

Why VA Mortgage

VA MortgageAt VA Mortgage we pride ourselves on being different from other service providers. We specialize in VA Loans and take great pride in Serving those Who Have Served™. This dedication and focus on VA loans has allowed us to streamline the VA loan process, making it very smooth and easy for our clients.

VA Mortgage has been recognized by dozens of leading publications including the New York Times, CNN Money, and the Los Angeles Times as the leading VA Loan provider and in 2007 we received the Inc 500 Award as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation.

If you're an active duty military member or retired Veteran, you can trust VA Mortgage to help you determine if you qualify for a VA Loan, and help you cut through any red tape. There's no need to worry if you've been turned down by other lending institutions you may still be able to qualify. If you're ready to take the first step, connect with one of our VA Mortgage Specialists to help determine your eligibility.

"I was a bit nervous to make such a large purchase, but the VA Mortgage was there for me every step of the way. Kris, my loan officer, was extremely patient with me, and kept me informed daily as to the status of my loan. I love my new home!"

Paul St. Pierre
E-7 Master Sergeant, McGuire AFB on VA Mortgage

Enhanced VA Mortgage Options Now Available for Veterans Of Potential Benefit to Those in Financial Distress. Please go to this link for more information.

VA MortgageVeterans of the armed forces have courageously defended America throughout our history. It's only natural, then, that VA mortgages, guaranteed by the Veterans Administration and issued by qualified lenders, give them the opportunity to enjoy the American Dream. Here's how they work:

Financing without PMI

Veterans are allowed 100 percent financing on a home without having to pay private mortgage insurance (PMI). This offer is extended to American veterans or their surviving spouses, providing that they do not remarry. These loans also include extremely competitive rates.

No closing costs, streamlined refinance

To receive a VA mortgage, veterans are required to pay a funding fee of 0 to 3.3 percent of the loan, which can be rolled into the mortgage. This fee replaces traditional closing costs, which can typically run from 3 to 5 percent of a loan's value.