Saturday, July 04, 2009

Kim Kardashian Cellulite Pictures

Kim Kardashian cellulite pictures – Kim Kardashian’s pictures are now the cover story of current issue of Complex magazine. I think Kim Kardashian cellulite pictures or not look hot. Check for yourself the difference in Kim’s Kardashian cellulite photos. Kim Kardashian cellulite pictures in complex magazine are casuing quite the stir on the Internet. The crazy thing is that Kim Kardashian does seem to care. The Kim Kardashian cellulilte pictures so shows that she is a real woman and that people need to back off.

I would say almost all women have some form of cellulite so its about time someone says so what. The Kim Kardashian cellulite pictures are definatley not the first pictures to pop up like this for celebrities. This happens almost on a daily basis these days. People need to learn to back off and show a little respect.

The Kim Kardashian cellulite pictures will wear off after a few days and life can go back to normal for her. Its to bad people make such a big deal about this. It will have a way of working it self out. Just try to forget about the Kim Kardashian cellulite pictures and move on.

On if she ever gets upset by the comments made about her body:

“Sometimes I do. On the red carpet, the paparazzi scream for me to turn around because they just want butt shots. People feel so free to talk about my butt, and it’s not comfortable. Girls come up to me and grab my butt, or if I’m doing a TV interview, people ask on camera to squeeze my butt. It’s uncomfortable. I’m like, ‘Let’s move on. Everyone’s got a butt, why do you care about mine?’”