Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Turn Your PDA Phone Into a Super Gadget

Wondered why cell phone/PDA accessories are becoming a big market out there? Expert says mobile accessories are more profitable business as compared to cell phone itself. This statement is based on the current market demand of latest accessories which includes cases, covers, defenders, pouches, signal boosters, antennas, amplifiers, headsets, Bluetooth headsets, memory card, car chargers, flash memory and a lot more. Those who are into gadgets are much aware of the importance and functionality facilitated by PDA accessories. In the early age of PDA phones, the accessories can only provide limited benefits out of which, most of them were related to PDA protection, but latest PDA accessories add style beauty, protection and advanced multimedia functionalities to take your PDA which makes it a step above in every dimension.

Following are a few famous PDA accessories; each of them adds a specific feature to your stock PDA phone with beauty and style.

Cases, Covers, Pouches and Defenders

Cases and covers have advanced themselves with time, now they are not only limited to save cell phone from scratches, the latest cell phone/PDA cases are real beautiful that it gives a new look to your PDA phone. Whereas there are cases which provide advanced purpose, for example, water proof OuterBox cases protect your PDA from water damage. Similarly there are a lot more pouches which protects screen damage, some plastic covers saves your expensive PDA phone from body scratched to maintain its look and grace.

Headsets, Bluetooth Headsets

Headsets are a very famous accessory because if it's great functionality of continuing the conversation while you are on the road, driving your vehicle or want to listen to the music without disturbing others. With the advent of Bluetooth technology, a lot of electronic products start adopting this amazing invention, one of them was headsets which made themselves wireless and given the name Wireless Bluetooth Headset. This product was always high in demand since years. Lately companies like Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Kyocera, BlackBerry, Danger, Motorola and a lot of others started launching Bluetooth headsets along with the launch of their new PDA/cell phones. Some of these Bluetooth headsets were customized according to cell phone features to provide user friendliness but there are a lot more which works with almost every brand of phone.

Signal Boosters, Antennas and Amplifiers

Are you living in a place where the carrier service signals are not very strong? OR you travel a lot on daily basis and some areas between are not good at catching signals OR your office is not good with your carrier signals OR signals are pretty good outside your home and office building but line drops when you move in. For all the above concerns there are devices generally referred to as Signal Boosters, Antennas and Amplifiers which makes your PDA phone good at catching signals to facilitate trouble free and smooth conversation. Different signal devices are designed to facilitate different problems, car signal booster powered by 12V car cigarette lighter facilitates signals problems while you are traveling, in building signal booster devices are designed specifically to facilitate signal problem within buildings. Some of the famous companies are "Best Signal Wireless", "Digital Antenna", "zBoost" and "Wilson Electronics"


Latest PDA phone are now equipped with a lot of advanced and mind blowing multimedia functions, for example Apple iPhone with its amazing multi touch technology and accelerometer, which adds a lot to its user friendliness and makes it an advanced cell phones gaming device. Similarly blackberry PDA phones are now provided with Blackberry accessories to fully support blackberry services which are amazing with a very high speed broadband internet connection ( Blackberry 8520 Violet ). Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson promises user customizable memory. Samsung and Nokia now also started launching Android phones (In-build Google Applications). Some Chinese companies have launches dual SIM mobile phone which has the ability to keep two SIM cards at a time.

For all these latest multimedia features there are accessories which further add to it, including flash memory card to increase data storage for games, music and movies, phone to TV out cables to view your mobile front end on TV screen and a lot more.

PDA Chargers

Keeping your cell phone alive is very important, as communication at any time at any place is the sole purpose of cell phone/PDA phones. Have you ever faced the scenario in which you urgently wanted to communicate over the phone and your phone is dead while you are traveling on the high way, you are defiantly helpless at that time? Similarly, you fly to some other country and the electric sockets didn't match your phone charger socket OR you are in your office and don't have anything to charge. Keeping you cell phone alive is important for any emergency case or to a business people who communicate and make deals over the phone.

Most of the brand new phones are equipped with a standard charge. However this is not enough to keep the phone alive in every situation, one can opt for a universal charger which is ready to accept every type of battery but should not be used on regular basis because of the different voltage requirement for every phone battery. The universal charger is designed to hold in every sort of battery but you need to be a bit technical in order to use it. Another problem with the Universal charger is that it doesn't support car charging. Portable chargers and another battery is also a good solution but this can only work for limited time frame.


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