Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cryptozoology And The Dover Demon

The Dover Demon, was seen during the year 1977, in Dover, Massachusetts - USA. This creature was reported as being 3 - 4 feet tall, and having a large hairless head, shaped like a watermelon. It had two large eyes that glowed a bright orange and green. It's body color was flesh-tone or more pinkish, it had long thin arms and legs, with large feet and hands. The strangest thing about the creatures features is, it has no signs of a nose or mouth.

This creature was sighted by some very credible witnesses whom all saw it close up, and it had very different colored eyes each encounter, and as some other creatures, it's eyes didn't just reflect light, they glowed brightly like lights. One time it's eyes glowed reddish-orange, the other time a bright green. The creature seemed to move and act like a small human male or child would as far as walking, climbing, etc. When a witness started moving towards it, the creature ran into a nearby woods at a speed faster than a human could.

The spiritual or supernatural aspects may be the creatures ability to change the colors of it eyes, if that is not something supernatural, certainly the lack of a mouth, nose and ears is. There is no way any physical creature could live with no means to eat or breath, which it could not do, since it had no mouth or nose.

As in the case of bigfoot, where native Americans (Indians), seem to know more about the creature than white men do, the same may be about ' The Dover Demon ', for centuries the Cree Indians talked about a race of creatures called: ' Mannegishi ', the Mannegishi are creatures that live in water or near it, they often climb about on rocks and ledges, and like to tip over canoes and small boats, drowning the person. The Cree Indians describe the mannegishi as semi-humanoid, with very thin and lanky arms and legs and big heads minus a nose and mouth, exactly like the ' Dover Demon '. And listen to this very important note about the creatures from the Cree Indians: The Mannegishi do not have gills or lungs, but take oxygen directly from the air or water around them through their skin. The Cree Indians also say the Mannegishi communicate by telepathy.

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