Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Investigation of the Dover Demon

Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman and ufologists Walter Webb and Ed Fogg interviewed the witnesses, parents, friends, teachers, school officials and police. There was no evidence of a hoax and the teens were described as credible. A local newspaper gave the creature its name, the “Dover Demon.”
What Was the Dover Demon?

The Boston Sunday Globe, October 29, 2006, published an article about Bartlett’s experience. He recounted what happened on that 1977 April night and said he had no idea as to what it was. He’s an artist with works displayed in galleries on both US coasts. He said that night’s events still haunt him. Internet sites and books feature his experience with the Dover Demon more frequently than his artwork.

Some consider the demon a cryptid, an unidentified mysterious animal, UMA, but it was only seen for three days and is, most likely, not a naturally occurring species. Cryptid sightings occur over longer stretches of time. Some ufologists theorized it was an alien or a human mutant as a result of an ET experiment gone awry. There are those who believe it was a being from another dimension, transferred to earth through a warp. What the Dover Demon was remains a mystery.

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