Friday, June 19, 2009

Jean + Jean + Gia Carangi = ?

Gia Carangi
Presentation One, an apparent failure, theorised that someone having the first name Gina, Geena, Jean, Jenna, etc. might suffer the same fate in the year 2000 as Jean Harlow, Jean Seberg, Gia Carangi, or Dorothy Jean Dandridge. Thankfully, this did not occur. Note, however, that I say this was an apparent failure because there is an adjacent potential, admittedly small, for this prediction to still be fulfilled during 2001. For this reason this section will be maintained throughout 2001. It is currently a failed and unchanged archive.

Presentation Two, the second half of this page, predicting female celebrities of any name succumbing to one of the four scenarios mentioned was unfortunately successful (and continues to be). Israeli pop singer Ofra Haza died of AIDS like supermodel Gia and television star Paula Yates died in a fashion similar to Jean Seberg and Dorothy Jean Dandridge. In addition, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge star, Halle Berry, suffered an injury during an auto accident and pop diva Whitney Houston came very close to ending up identically like Dorothy Dandridge. It appears she has kicked the cocaine habit, fortunately for her. Nevertheless, an adjacent potential in the second section remains active in 2001, serving as a warning. Currently, against all odds, it appears supermodel Niki Taylor has fallen victim to the Jean Harlow scenario. gia carangi.

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