Friday, June 19, 2009

Uci Student Access

Uci Student Access

MyEEE is an Internet portal for UCI students accsess and faculty. It helps them organize their classes and offers quick access to the tools that EEE has to offer.

Your MyEEE page is unique to you and contains class information associated with your UCInetID.

  • Instructors have access to class tools, information and resources for each class they are teaching.

  • Assistants can be granted access to the same class tools and resources that instructors have.

  • Students have access to class information and resources for each class in which they are enrolled.

Features of MyEEE

  • The ability to customize the information displayed on your MyEEE page.
  • Easy access to class resources, such as websites and class mail lists.
  • A calendar and planner that keep track of your day and scheduled events.
  • Fast access to the tools EEE has to offer.

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