Monday, August 10, 2009

Ashley Greene Scandal

Ashley Greene Scandal is currently in the midst of a nude photo scandal. “The photos in question, which appear to be of our client, are illegal and are being unlawfully displayed,” Ashley’s lawyer tells People. “Our client intends to take legal action.”

Ashley Greene talked to MTV this last weekend about the smash hit Twilight. Ashley said that she was surprised by how well the movie did at theaters and how impressed she was that the buzz and excitement stayed with the film. Twilight fans have been reordering the DVD’s and attending DVD release parties in large numbers. This should lead to a huge hype for the second installment.

Ashley Greene nude!

Some nude pics of Twilight star Ashley Greene hit the internets today and all I can say is, whew! It's been nearly 110 hours since a famous chick had her private nude pics leaked to the 'net. I was beginning to think Hollywood wasn't full of dumb whores. Thanks for restoring my faith Ashley!

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  1. When would human stop getting into other people’s personal matters? Yes, they took nude photos, big deal? There are thousands of people took them. So what? And even it is really a big deal, a fault to take them, they made mistakes. So what? Who never make a mistake anyway? Any celebrity, they are human and they make just as many mistakes and stupid choices as every other human. Do you dare to say you never make a mistake? If the answer is no, stop judging them.


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