Friday, August 21, 2009

The Last Song movie starring Miley Cyrus

'The Last Song' is a novel to be released by Nicholas Sparks this autumn. The novel is about a young girl who is forced by her mother to stay with her father, who she has never met. During the stay, she must get to know her sometimes difficult father and adjust to life in a beautiful seaside town.

'The Last Song' screenplay was written by Sparks himself. Sparks is a big fan of Cyrus and so when he was approached by Trish Cyrus, Miley's mother, to write a screenplay based on the book, he accepted immediately. Filming for the movie started in June and, although the set had a problem with a stalker at one point, the shooting went very well. The film is shot on the small island of Tybee, Georgia, where the entire town has thrown their support behind the movie and many have even starred in the movie as extras.

The movie has all the perfect ingredients to be a huge success. It has pretty much the biggest star around right now, Cyrus, the support of Disney and a great plot written by a renowned writer. Cyrus' character has to grapple with relationship problems and many images have been released of kiss scenes between her and the main young male lead, Liam Hemsworth. The scenery of the movie is truly beautiful, set right next to the sea in fantastic sea-side houses.

The movie is released in January of 2010, although that date is subject to change.

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